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Family Show Review: The Flying Flapper

In the half term holiday me and my daughter went to The South Holland Centre in Spalding to see The Flying Flapper.  The show was put on by Lincolnshire based theatre company  Rhubarb Theatre . The show tells the the life story of Doris who the local think has lived an uneventful life but has actually had many adventures from surviving the titanic to be a flying flapper. Its a really good family show. When we arrived the set looked simple but really effective. There were rugs and beanbags for the children to sit on so they were close to the action. When the show was finished the actors came out and chatted to the children and allowed them to ask questions about the show and how the set and some of the props work. There are some great puppets. The only feedback I would give is for them to either not have the music so loud or invest in microphones as sometimes they could be heard and I was in the front row. We also took part in a workshop they ran in the morning with